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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Amna's Essay: “Traffic Congestion in Kuwait”

“Traffic Congestion in Kuwait”

  Traffic congestion is one of the most important problems we are facing in our contemporary time in Kuwait. There are several ideas to reduce such a problem. We suggest that schools and ministries begin their day at 8:00 am while universities begin at 9:00 am . Also increasing the number of bridges can also solve this problem. This paper is focused on the two suggestions above.  
The first efficient suggestion is let employees in the schools and ministries begin their day in a different time than universities. First, such a decision can reduce the number of cars in the streets in a certain time so people can reach their places quicly and easily. Also it can reduces the number of accidents that might happen because people will not drive in high speed to avoid the time in which cars begin to congest. In addition it will save people money by saving cars petrol because cars congestion consume its petrol with out any good things.
Another good idea is to increase the use of bridges. First using bridges in stead of some traffic which waste people time also let the emargency to reach their place quicly and easily with out stoping in the red traffic light. Finally it is reduces as we said the cars accidents because teenagers or crazy drivers will not challenge the red traffic and pass it.
As you can see starting peoples day at different times and building more brides do not only solve the problem of traffic in Kuwait but also save people life, time and money. The government should seriously consider these solutions as soon as possible.