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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Reem's Essay on "Traffic Congestion in Kuwait"

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion in Kuwait was not as high as now days.Walking and using bicycles could be a solution for this problem.So,my paper will talk about walking and bicycles in details as a solution of traffic congestion.

Walking can solve the traffic congestion in many ways.First,it will reduce the numders of cars,which will lead us to a healthy environment.Second,people who walking daily feel well.Heart trebles,diabeties,blood pressure and other diseases will disappear from our society.Also walking is the easiest way to save your money that you expend in fixing a car.

Bicycles also help us in our problem.In medically way,it moves your muscles.Bicycles are not depending on gasoline,which affect the atmosphere.And of course it is cheeper than cars.

As you can see,walking and bicycles benefit our society in different sides.Both of them save your money and keep you healthy in the same time.In addtion,let us breathe a pure air.The goverment should seriously consider it as a solution.


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