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This blog is for my ESP, English for Science 162 students, at Kuwait University, to post their online writing assignments. I, the class instructor, will be posting comments to help my students improve their writing skills.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Inviting Webhead Renata to Post Comments to My Students' Blogs

Dear Students,

Few days ago, I invited Webhead in Action, Renata, who is also an EFL Instructor in Japan, to check out your blogs and post comments if possible. Renata has actually done that, and I am so grateful for her.

Therefore, I would like you to go to your blogs to read Webhead Renata's comments on your summary paragraphs and to answer her questions, if you got any.

Renata and I are looking forward to reading your answers and comments.

Thanks Renata for your time and effort, :-)

Thank you students for your hard work and enthusiasm, making learning and teaching, during this summer class, such a wonderful and interesting experience.


Buthaina al-Othman


  • At 4:06 PM, Blogger Buthaina Alothman said…

    To read Renata's comments posted to my students' blogs,please go to:
    1. Renata's commnet on Atahri's at:


    2.Renata's comment on Heba's at:

    3.Renata's comment on Kholoud's & Shayma's at:

    4. Renata's comment on Anfal's at:

    Thank you Renata for your collaboration and thanks Students for your good work.

    EfS instructor: Buthaina

    P.s To all readers, I tried to use HTML codes in order to provide easy access to pages with Renata's comments, however, blogger.com rejected, that. If you know why this has happened, please post me some comments and tips on this page; thank you in advance.

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