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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Blonde's Essay on "Traffic Congestion in Kuwait"

Traffic congestion
one of the main problem in this century in different countries is traffic congestion.Kuwait is one of these countries which is encounter this problem recently.many people are traying to reduce this big problem and they are still complaines on traffic congestion.this paper is focused on how can the goverment seriously consider this problem.

one of the efficient suggestions is differentiating between working hours and schools.First,it could decreases the crowded transportation in all street.less cars save time soevery body can reach his point in the same time.Also it reduce the number of accident cars and reduce environmental pollution.therfore,would be healthy people and environment.

On the other hand,using buses service to transfer students to school and workers is a beneficial way of this problem.First,decreases the oil consuming.so,it can boost the economy of kuwait which exporting oil.Furthermore it save money on buying expensive victims.So it booming kuwait economy.Finally,the worker go to their job in its time.So,business would develope.

To conclude,differrentiating between working hours and schools and improving buses srvice can not only solve the problem of traffic in kuwait it can also boost,the economy and reduce environmental pollution in the country.The goverment should seriously cnsider these solutions as soon as possible.


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