EfScience 162 Class Blog, (Fall 2003 - Fall 2004)

This blog is for my ESP, English for Science 162 students, at Kuwait University, to post their online writing assignments. I, the class instructor, will be posting comments to help my students improve their writing skills.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Today's Writing Assignment: "Congestion"

Hello Students: One of the new words we learned, yesterday, is congestion.
read the question, below, and post your answer to this blog by clicking on the "comment" button, below, on the right side of this post.

The question:
Do you have a suggestion for reducing traffic congestion, in Kuwait? (If you are a non-Kuwaiti student, you could provide a suggestion that is suitable for your own country on the same problem).

Notice that your answer should be in the form of a short paragraph,a 3-sentence paragraph, including a topic sentence, one supporting point sentence, and one supporting detail sentence,i.e one example on how your suggestion can solve such a problem.

Thank you,

Buthaina Al Othman