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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Kholoud's Essay:"Traffic Congestion in Kuwait"

Traffic congestion in kuwait

Traffic congestion is famous problem in most country in the world; such as Kuwait.The government try to reduce this problem by many ways.One of these ways is receive any suggestion from people that help to solve this problem.
One of the beneficial suggestion is building a subway system that can be boost business in Kuwait.First, this kind of transportation can connect different parts in the country, which would increase conunication between companies. Also, a subway system can attract tourists to visit Kuwait.Tourists can move between the different parts in Kuwait in less time and spending less money.
Moreover, good way to reduce traffic congestion buses service in kuwait.Buses service would become basic source of constant income for the country.
In conclusion, can not only solve the problem of traffic in Kuwait it can also boost the economy and reduce environmental pollution in the country.The government should seriesly considerd the solution as soon as possible.

Hala's Essay on "Traffic Congestion in Kuwait"

Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion is a serious problem which faces
different countries in this century after these great car
inventions. Kuwait is one of these countries which are suffering
from this problem nowadays. Many people are complained of traffic
congestion and they try to avoid this hard problem. This paper is
focused on how can the government solve this problem and cover it.

One of these suggestions is improving bus service.
Using companies and schools buses service to transfer their workers
and students is a beneficial way to solve this problem. First, it
reduces the expenses on buying expensive cars. So, the country could
use this money in building huge enterprises. Also, oil consuming
will be decreased and especially that Kuwait is a country which
exports petroleum to foreign countries. Therefore, this saved
petroleum can boost the economy of the country by exporting it.
Finally, the arrival of employees to their job at appointed time
would be fulfilled by improving this kind of services. So, the
business and the work will be developed.

On the other hand, differentiating between working
hours in the working places could be another effecintial suggestion
to encounter the traffic congestion in Kuwait. First, it might
remarkably decrease the transportation in the street. the less
number of cars could save time when everybody can reach to his point
without consuming time. Furthermore, the pollution will be reduced.
Therefore, healthy environment would be created with healthful
plants and animals which are eaten by man. Finally, the traffic
accidents would be reduced and that would have positive effects on
society by less number of traffic accident's victims.

To conclude, improving buses service and differentiating
the working hours between ministries and schools could cover the
solution for traffic congestion. These suggestions would improve the
economy of our country and boom it without spending a lot of money.
These solutions should be considered seriously by the government as
soon as possible.

Reem's Essay on "Traffic Congestion in Kuwait"

Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion in Kuwait was not as high as now days.Walking and using bicycles could be a solution for this problem.So,my paper will talk about walking and bicycles in details as a solution of traffic congestion.

Walking can solve the traffic congestion in many ways.First,it will reduce the numders of cars,which will lead us to a healthy environment.Second,people who walking daily feel well.Heart trebles,diabeties,blood pressure and other diseases will disappear from our society.Also walking is the easiest way to save your money that you expend in fixing a car.

Bicycles also help us in our problem.In medically way,it moves your muscles.Bicycles are not depending on gasoline,which affect the atmosphere.And of course it is cheeper than cars.

As you can see,walking and bicycles benefit our society in different sides.Both of them save your money and keep you healthy in the same time.In addtion,let us breathe a pure air.The goverment should seriously consider it as a solution.

Blonde's Essay on "Traffic Congestion in Kuwait"

Traffic congestion
one of the main problem in this century in different countries is traffic congestion.Kuwait is one of these countries which is encounter this problem recently.many people are traying to reduce this big problem and they are still complaines on traffic congestion.this paper is focused on how can the goverment seriously consider this problem.

one of the efficient suggestions is differentiating between working hours and schools.First,it could decreases the crowded transportation in all street.less cars save time soevery body can reach his point in the same time.Also it reduce the number of accident cars and reduce environmental pollution.therfore,would be healthy people and environment.

On the other hand,using buses service to transfer students to school and workers is a beneficial way of this problem.First,decreases the oil consuming.so,it can boost the economy of kuwait which exporting oil.Furthermore it save money on buying expensive victims.So it booming kuwait economy.Finally,the worker go to their job in its time.So,business would develope.

To conclude,differrentiating between working hours and schools and improving buses srvice can not only solve the problem of traffic in kuwait it can also boost,the economy and reduce environmental pollution in the country.The goverment should seriously cnsider these solutions as soon as possible.